TRAXX 2.0 Factory Team Edition 2023

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TRAXX 2.0 Factory Team Edition 2023 

European Champion 2022

BRCA 2wd 2022 Champion




Configuration Engine (vertical / lay down)
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EFRA 2wd European Champion 2022

BRCA 2wd 2022 Champion 

2 x +10 Bypass shocker housing for the rear 70320-041

2 x Euros factory team rear hubs L/R -7mm 45511-3

4 x Blue alloy spring disc for bypass shocker 

The all new model for 2WD large scale off road racing is here: TRAXX.

TRAXX 2.0 is the next step in 2WD racing. TRAXX 2.0 has many new features, not seen before in largescale racing. The best options you always wanted are finally combined in 1 car.

Want to run the ultimate Dirt set-up, it is possible. Or go for a high grip Astro track, no problem.

Get ready - get on TRAXX ! Kit can come with a standard topdeck or can be upgraded to the Carbon top deck either twin or single large servo configuration.


Kit comes with a standard topdeck Alloy large servo. 


A rigid chassis with a top deck ensures ultimate stiffness and durability. The philosophy of a non-flex chassis is simple as the shock absorbers should absorb and do dampening, not the chassis.

In the front the top deck is covered by an end plate. Not only does it make your chassis torsion stiff, it supports the top deck and keeps the dirt out.

Traxx has a large kick-up of 20 degrees ensuring perfect straight line stability and huge ability to attack rough bumps ahead. Increased chassis length gives a longer wheel base and with components even more centred, she goes where you aim her at.


The front-end is a very open, yet simple design. Nevertheless do not be misguided by the optical simplicity. It has every option needed for setting up your car.

Bump steer has been eliminated in the full new front geometry.

But... if you want, you can incorparated a little bump steer and use it in your advantage. Put the steering plate higher than neutral and you will run the more forgiving mode. Your car than handles the exit of corners on power more easy. Or go the opposite way. Make her turn aggressive by lowering the steering plate and you will squeeze out the last bit of turn in.

All new front Arms and Front hubs which add more adjustment and better roll centre.

The steering wipers have been reversed. No more the inner wheel when cornering "to flip-flap free", doing its own thing. No more the inner wheel moving close, or over its dead-point. Instead an even bigger steering angle is now achieved.

Though little force is applied on the inner wheel when cornering. It is due to this reversed wiper orientation possible to keep the inner wheel to steer tight and fix in the direction as desired.

C-hubs on the front for less play in the steering geometry. Beefy bushings will last and keep your steering system smooth all season round. But foremost, this new set up is chosen to allow loads of extra suspension travel and now come with more adjustment.

Extra travel allows the front to keep longer contact with the surface in rough terrain. Steer the car where it needs to go and use the extra suspension travel for ground contact where others will be trying to air steer!

Of course you have several suspension hinge points, can play with camber, toe-out and even add a sway bar or front brake if you like. All items and set-up points are easy accessible.

Want to take the front end off? Possible!

With a few screws you have the full front-end unit including the servo saver in your hands. Cleaning, checking or working on it made easy peasy.



The next step is made.

We keep the argument for off-road success dead simple: Go big or Go home!

The all new by-pass shocks are part of the deal and included in the kit.

A selection of progressive springs is available.



On the rear the reliable gearing of the MMX has been re-used. Don't change what has proven itself for years and years. Other than that, nothing remained.

The diff gear and diff pinion have been re-positioned. It is now all at the very centre of the car. This ensures a better optimized position weight wise and minimizes non-centred gyroscopic effects, it further allowed us room to incorporate huge wishbones.

with all new lower wishbones, huge suspension travel is possible. And to allow huge suspension travel the well known ball-drive needed to go. New rear hubs with more adjustment and made with roll centre in mind for the larger wheel.

New adjustable Rear tower with all new alloy inserts to give adjustable anti squat on the rear

 A full new spline-drive has therefor been developed. Beefy and rock solid CVD connections, together with silky smooth function on the spline connection. Zero binding effect under all angles of +45 to -45 degrees!

No more setting your droop limits to prevent wrecked ball drives. Set as much droop as you wish.

Facing an all rutted track with holes your car will disappear into, just bring it on. Finally suspension can do its job as you always wanted to. No holes to deep, no bumps to high.

Toe-in can be changed easily with small insert plates, of course all other settings are also adjustable like roll centre and camber. Happy times are here to play around with your set-up. All with a quick an easy access as it is made ultra easy and fast to wrench on.

Weight balance

Adding weight to balance your car?

No, we rather shift it within the car.

Within moments you can swap your engine from horizontal to vertical!

Finally what you desired for, after many years, is now possible. Without the use of conversion kits. Using the same drive line and same chassis, it is all done and sorted. Just turn the engine quick mount on your engine in the desired position and place/remove the shims in the chassis and you're done, having a full new balanced car!

Of course at high grip conditions go with a lay-down engine and if there is almost no grip you have the option to switch to the vertical option.


The Traxx design body 

came up with a full wind tunnel tested design. With aeroelastic effects on the hood scoop with automated DRS at speeds of above 35km/h while keeping the maximum downforce ....-... NOT!

It is just a sexy recognizable Elcon look, the same way as the shiny alloy underneath.

If you dislike it... Then sorry, for sure you can find another body of your liking and make it fit ;)

We hope you enjoy the TRAXX 2.0 as much as we did enjoy the journey to make this project come alive.

Tip of the day: treat this new baby with TLC and she will be good to you ;)

We wish you lots of fun building & racing and hope to meet you on TRAXX 2.0




Car comes as "roller" building kit. 1 Pair Blue 110mm 1 Pair Red 110mm springs are supplied with the car.

Not included are following (car) parts:  Shock oil, Grease, Wheels/tyres,isolator, clutch, air filter and adapter, exhaust, engine and electronics.

Option parts like air brake, sway bar, extra toe-in inserts or additional progressive springs are not part of the delivery.

grease for the spline drive and oil for lubrication of the CVD is sold separately.

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