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The European champions 4WD now in a XL version


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The all new 4WD-XL buggy by Elcon Models:  "IMP4CT-XL"

The car is a robust system with a bottom chassis on which a 1 piece upper chassis is mounted. The bottom and upper chassis mounted together can be compared to a monocoque system. The complete chassis is herewith very rigid and rock solid. As all electronics are mounted and connected to the upper chassis part, it can be seen as 2 main modules: car and electronics. It is easy to seperate the upper- from the bottom chassis. Very handy to have car and electronics seperated when cleaning!

The car has a fixed drive system directly to the front and rear and uses the maximum advantage of drive to all 4 wheels. As at all times both front- and rear drive train are driven. The well known effect in 4WD's of the front inner wheel 'balooning' when on-power is gone. Instead of one wheel rotating in the air using up all engine power, now this engine power is brought down to the ground. You will accelerate instead. With no middle dif, there is also no (rotation) mass of the middle dif. This reduces the (rotational) energy needed to move the car forward. Hence this part of the energy from the engine is now fully used for acceleration of the car!

The front geometry of the IMP4CT is designed with the front wheels as the most forward part of the car. In the event of a nose landing, the car will continue to roll on its front wheels and not flip over. Many other cars tend to flip over, due to the nose of the car crashing into the earth. At the IMP4CT the nose is behind the front wheels. Furtheron the steering geometry and steering angle has been optimized and maximized. By putting the front CVD drive shafts slightly backwards, a bigger steering angle is achieved compared to other 4WD's. Hence tigther cornering is possible. The placement of the steering linkages is optimized and eliminates almost all bump steer.

The complete steering system travels ultra light L/R as it has ball bearings throughout. Only where high impact forces and loads are on the car, on these spots are used plastic bushings with a stainless inner bushing. These are designed to take high impact forces. Two small high-voltage servos for steering is all you need and does the job on this full blood race machine. They secure a quick responsive steering and contribute to a lower total weight of the car.

The central drive shaft runs non conventional over the upper chassis. In the case you need to work on this, then the drive shaft can be removed quickly together with its gear boxes. It is foremost pleasant you can directly check on this important part of the drive train and that you can access it directly, without taking apart half of your car!

Of course from race experience we have implemented the ball drive system. It is not only stable, reliable and robust, but also ensures a much higher life time then the dog-bone system. You will find the ball drive system on the central drive shaft, rear drive shafts and at the differential side of the front CVD drive shaft.

Customer friendly and designed to race at the highest level, were our main aims for the IMP4CT. Hence, we tried to reduce the amount of spare parts needed, without touching race geometry. This is achieved to design, where possible, the same components and have them exchanged throughout the car:

  • Identical front uprights + identical c-hubs, both are L/R possible to use.
  • Four times the same lower wishbone. With just 1 lower wishbone you will have replacement covered on this part !
  • 1 rear upright for both L/R side.
  • 1 type of insert at the rear upright for toe-in.
  • Upper wishbones which fit L/R
  • Only 2(!) gears (15T and 43T) for the complete exchange of gears front and rear in the car. Of course additional gears will be offered, to adjust the gear ratio to personal/track preference.
  • Only 2 types of wishbone hinge pins throughout the complete car.

Insert for toe-inOf high importance when racing is the possibility to change the set-up. Even more as with the MMX we paid attention to make access better and more easy. It speaks for itself you can adjust droop, toe-in, toe-out, camber etc. on the IMP4CT.

100% racing has matched simplicity, without interfering performance. This applies to the Elcon IMP4CT. A good example is found at the rear. At the uprights are used inserts to adjust the toe-in. The inserts have on both sides a slot machined under the toe-in angle. The upright has at the bottom a counterpart that fits into the slot of the insert. A rock solid and fixed mounting!

With taking out 2 screws and release of 1 nut, you can change the inserts for toe-in and be on track again in less than 3 minutes. With no need for special tools or measuring devices the amount of toe-in is at all time symetric L/R. Ideal for racers who wish to make a quick change and go out to track immediately to test their change.

But there is so much more:

  • The car has a geometry optimalisation by which the amount of possible droop is almost without any limits. There is at this moment no other car on the market with the ball drive system, that have this immense amount of droop - period. Droop is one of the key factors when running in rough terrain to keep balance and control over your car.
  • Rotating mass have been minimized, not by just eliminating the middle dif. You will find it in every rotating part. We tried to find the lighter and still reliable solution. Less energy needed for rotation of parts, the higher the efficiency rate and using the engine power to accelerate the car.
  • Servos and fuel tank are directly protected from heath sources like exhaust and engine.
  • Hot air from the engine is directly blown out through the chassis for less heath build up under the body.

Are you convinced of all the advantages the IMP4CT has to offer you? Then do not further hesitate and order now!

You will also find a high-end 3 chamber tuning exhaust in the package. The car comes as building kit, with a few items pre-build like the differentials and gearbox units.

Not included are: Shock oil, Grease, Wheels/tyres, engine, electronics, airfilter and clutch (standard clutch does fit).

The car is delivered as a kit to be build by the customer.

grease for the spline drive and oil for lubrication of the CVD is sold separately.

Wheel base: 560mm

Width: 480mm

Weight (race ready, empty tank): ca 12kg

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