Silicon oil - 0.5L
  • Silicon oil - 0.5L

Silicon oil - 0.5L - 350

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500ml of 350 silicon oil for Elcon shocks.

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All shock absorbers of Elcon use just 1 type of silicon oil which is 350
The complete concept behind using only 1 single type of thin oil is as simple as effective.

Oil warms up during driving.
A thick oil would under influence of the rising temperature go down in viscosity. The damper setting changes noticeable.
An oil that is already thin from the start will change far less under influence of heath in viscosity.

The silicon oil we have chosen is this "thin" so you won't experience any noticeable change in the car set-up after running through a complete tank of fuel.
The car feels the same throughout the complete run.

We advise to use this type of silicon oil in all Elcon shock absorbers.
To change the damping can be done by changing the inner piston of the shock absorber. It is not only more effective it is also cost saving.

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